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System X DMR MasterServer.  FD_FreeSTAR_UK DMR Host. 
This server is maintained by the
FreeSTAR Network. 
To connect to this server visit the
All Talk Groups are available!  To access the FreeSTAR Network visit Talk Group #23426. 
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Options Generator | FreeSTAR System X

This tool is used to help generate the "string" needed for the options field e.g Static Talkgroups in Pi-Star / MMDVM / DMRGateway

Duplex Hotspots / Repeaters can use Time Slot 1 and/or Time Slot 2

Simplex Hotspots can only use Time Slot 2

Duplex: Simplex:

Timeslot 1Timeslot 2
TG 1 (leave 0 for none): TG 1 (leave 0 for none):
TG 2 (leave 0 for none): TG 2 (leave 0 for none):
TG 3 (leave 0 for none): TG 3 (leave 0 for none):
TG 4 (leave 0 for none): TG 4 (leave 0 for none):
TG 5 (leave 0 for none): TG 5 (leave 0 for none):

Voice Identification
TG Timeout

(Copy & paste the "string" when generated into the "Options= field" in your device)

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